JOIN TEAM BIOKEN and try our products for FREE! in return, we only require you to give us your honest review and some Knock-out photos of you using the product or posing with the received products!

Fill out the below and on the comment section, write I WANT IN! for our specialist to send you an application for you to fill out and send back for a final review.

Once you are selected, you will start as a Level 1 Team Member. That means you are able to choose products from Level one list:

  • Enfanti All Hair Shampoo 8 oz

  • Enfanti Hydrating Shampoo 8 oz

  • Enfanti Anti-dandruff Shampoo 8 oz

  • Enfanti Conditioner 8 oz

  • Enfant Tea Tree Shampoo 8 oz

  • Enfanti Tea Tree Conditioner 8 oz

  • Bioken Normal to Oily shampoo 8 oz

  • Bioken Dry & Sensitive Shampoo 8 oz

  • Enfanti Silkway (Hair serum) 5oz

  • Pequi Body Wash 8 oz

  • Regent Pomade (strong hold) Aqua 4 oz

  • Regent Pomade (strong hold) Coconut 4 oz

  • Maxx 2 oz

Once you start generating photos and reviews of the products, we will evaluate for a chance to move up to Level 2, which includes products like:

  • Enfanti Color Care Shampoo 16 oz

  • Enfanti Color care conditioner 16 oz

  • Enfanti Treatment 8 oz

  • Bioken Treatment 8 oz

  • M72 Ceramide shampoo 10 oz

  • M72 Keratin shampoo 10 oz

  • M72 Ceramide Shine serum 4oz

  • M72 leave In Treatment 5 oz

  • M72 Hair Lotion 5 oz

Level 3 is the last tier of the membership, which includes:

  • M72 Ceramide Face & Body 32oz

  • M72 Ceramide shampoo 32oz

  • M72 Keratin Shampoo 32 oz

  • M72 Hair Mask 5 oz

  • Pequi Body wash 32 oz

  • Tea Tree shampoo 32 oz 

  • Enfanti All Hair shampoo 32oz

  • Enfanti Hydrating shampoo 32oz

  • Enfanti Treatment 32 oz

  • Biotin shampoo 32oz

  • Biotin conditioner 32oz 

  • Maxx 16 oz

We would love to have more people try our great products and give us your opinion so we can improve!

This is all possible because we research and manufacture all of our products ourselves right here in the USA.


So, let's start now by filling out the below!

Thank you so much for your interest in becoming part of TEAM BIOKEN!